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Rush on Amsterdam can be found in almost all the 2 and 3 star hotels in and around the capital of the Netherlands. It gives you in-depth information on the numerous cultural events and exhibitions in the city, while not forgetting the wide variety of shops and restaurants. Rush will take you on interestings walks through the city, telling you about specific neighbourhoods and buildings. Our magazine will bring arts, music, dance and cinema to you. We will tell you about these nice little shops with unique gadgets or special fashion. We will write about that funny bar or that nicely hidden restaurant.


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. It is renowned for its international atmosphere, with more than 140 nationalities living next door to each other. It is a city with more bicycles (880,000) than inhabitants (780,000). It is also a city with 1,281 bridges, 6,159 shops, 1,150 restaurants and around 7,000 historic buildings. In a way, this high number is not surprising. Amsterdam came to the fore in the 17th century, becoming a 'hotspot' for traders all over Europe and indeed the world. Practically all houses (and warehouses!) along the canals still exist. They will remind you of the time that the Dutch were trading all over the globe.

Each district in Amsterdam has its own atmosphere. The canal district gives you the feeling of going back in time completely. The Jordaan area, on the other hand, is almost like a small village with nice trendy cafés from the 21st century.

Because of this variety, you will find all kinds of clusters in Amsterdam. Clusters that give you the opportunity to experience the city in all kinds of ways, apart from - indeed - all the arts and culture that Amsterdam has to offer. Amsterdam as a small village where you find the original quick-witted Amsterdamers? It is here. Amsterdam as a creative, buzzing city in the footsteps of Berlin or New York? You can also find it here.

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